Baltic Media expresses thanks to the Faculty of Translation Studies, Ventspils University College

Guntar Veinberg Ph.D., Managing Director of Latvian-Swedish translating agency „Baltic Media Ltd”, expresses thanks to the Faculty of Translation Studies at Ventspils University College (FoTS VUC) for the well prepared, competent and professional graduates from its translation study programme, who work for the company. 
Baltic Media has become a leading company in its field, and the only translating company in the Latvian market to have obtained certification under ISO Quality Standards 9001:2001, largely thanks to contributions from FoTS VUC graduates from the English-Russian-Latvian translation study programme, namely, Ieva Krastina (Jaksa), Maija Mieze, Uldis Sprogis, Jelena Vaganova, Taiga Boguseva and others.
In its letter of thanks, Baltic Media writes: „Our achievements and good reputation in the local and global market are largely connected to relying upon the graduates of Ventspils University College when selecting our state personnel and choosing foreign providers”.
Five graduates from the Faculty of Translation Studies, Ventspils University College currently work for Baltic Media. Collaboration with the FoTS VUC continues, co-operating with approximately 20 graduates from VUC and FoTS students in their final year. 
The translating agency offers regular work experience for students of the FoTs VUC, as well as offering students the opportunity of gaining experience in project management, quality assurance and other activities connected to the translating field.
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